T-Shirt Club Subscription

T-Shirt Club Subscription

$44.00 - $132.00

Join our monthly T-Shirt Club and save money by buying t-shirts in bulk! Subscribers get one shirt per month, every other month, for only $22 apiece (plus shipping & tax) as well as two exclusive freebies in each package!

Here’s how it works; once every two months, you will be able to place an order for one prepaid t-shirt or other clothing item currently up for preorder (which will be in the T-Shirt of the Month category and labeled as T-Shirt of the Month) by using a unique discount code, received via email. With this code, only the cost of shipping and tax will be applied to the order (since the product itself will already be paid for by your subscription). Once the shirt or other item you preordered has been produced, we will ship it out along with the two exclusive freebies that come with it. The freebies are only available as part of T-Shirt Club subscriptions and, like the shirts, are different for each month. Check the final images of this product page to see the current T-Shirt of the Month and what freebies you’ll get with it!

If you don’t care for the current T-Shirt of the Month, that’s okay! Your subscription will roll over to the next applicable month, so if you don’t use your current code by the end of one month, it will still work the next month. Your code will only expire once it has been used and you will only stop receiving new codes once you’ve redeemed all of the amount of products that you paid for with your subscription.

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your first code email after purchasing a subscription, and be sure to apply your unique discount code only after you’ve entered your address at checkout when ordering a T-Shirt of the Month. The code will only work after shipping and tax is calculated. Also, please keep in mind that only one discount code can be applied per order, so your T-Shirt Club code cannot be combined with other discounts.

T-Shirt Club subscriptions are non-refundable, excepting situations where Flavor Brand is no longer able to deliver the full amount of products paid for by the subscriber, or other special circumstances to be evaluated at the sole discretion of Flavor Brand.

For more information please check our FAQ page.

Quick guide for order process:

1. Select an option to choose how many months you would like to subscribe for and hit the Add to Cart button.

2. Go to your cart, hit the Checkout button, and complete the order process. You are now subscribed to our T-Shirt Club!

3. To use your subscription and claim your first package, you must now place a new order. Select the product of your choice in the T-Shirt of the Month category and add it to your cart.

4. Check your email and find your unique discount code. After filling out your Contact and Shipping information at checkout, copy and paste your code into the Discount Code box towards the bottom of the page. Then enter your Payment information and confirm your order.

5. You have just secured your first T-Shirt Club package! Repeat the process starting from step 3 when the next t-shirt preorders go live at the first of the next month.

T-Shirt Club Subscription Image 2 T-Shirt Club Subscription Image 3
COMBO MEAL #1 - T-Shirt of Choice + Jumbo Soda Cup
$20.00 - $41.00
COMBO MEAL #2 - L/S T-Shirt of Choice + Jumbo Soda Cup
COMBO MEAL #3 - Bottoms of Choice + Jumbo Soda Cup
$37.00 - $39.00
COMBO MEAL #4 - Hat of Choice + Jumbo Soda Cup
COMBO MEAL #5 - Accessory of Choice + Jumbo Soda Cup
$9.00 - $27.00
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